Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cumberland Storage? Cumberland Storage is at 8225 South Broadway Avenue. You can’t miss us!
Are you close to downtown Tyler, TX? Absolutely! Cumberland Storage is only 6.5 miles away via N Broadway Ave.
Are there any landmarks, attractions or businesses nearby? Cumberland Storage is close to Christus Mother Frances Hospital, Faulkner Park, the Village at Cumberland Park, Cumberland Road, and South Broadway.

Do you serve any other neighborhoods except Tyler?
We sure do. Cumberland Storage is also the top facility with homes and businesses from Bullard, Flint, Noonday, Whitehouse, Jacksonville and their surrounding communities.

What are your access hours?
6:00am - 9:00pm. After hours Call Center for 24 hour access.

Do you provide vehicle parking?
Nothing offered
Are your units climate controlled? That’s right. Our climate-controlled units are the highest quality around. They keep your belongings in perfect condition no matter the time of year.
What security features do you have? Cumberland Storage features a state of the art security camera system which constantly records and monitors our facility.
How do I pay my bills? We recommend our online payment system.
Do you sell any supplies at your facility? Useful packing supplies such as boxes and tape are available to purchase onsite.
Are there any handcarts available for heavy items? There are. You can borrow our handcarts for free. They’re perfect for heavy boxes or large items of furniture.
Does your upstairs area have elevator access? It does. You won’t have to worry about carrying your items up the stairs!